It’s easier to learn than it is to forget.

The memories of my past...

But it is possible.

They told me everything was possible.


But don’t try it yourself,

Because you might fail,

And God forbid you fail!


God forbid you try something authentic.

God forbid you try at all!

Don't try to do anything different.

You don't want to fall!?


Conform little girl, conform.

You need to be more than you are.

Conform, little girl, conform.

You will never be more than you are.


See, this is the way.

The way is to be a servant,

Not to humanity, not for all, no,

But to the power-hungry serpents.


And God forbid you mingle

Among those other people.

Those people are bad!

Separate yourself from those people.

They don’t understand the path.


Stay with us little girl,

Those people are not from our circle.

Never leave us, little girl.

Welcome to the bubble.

The Bubble

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