That's That Life

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I never wake up to the birds singing

I do, however, wake up to tormented souls screaming

Intoxicated, trying to numb their feelings

That's that city life

Around me, I see a bunch of headless chickens

running around unaware, without a mission

Rushing to catch that train to their next work of fiction

That’s that Matrix life

I want to escape

And I know I’m not the only one

waiting for something better on the horizon

Someplace I can call home

That's that depressing life

Or are you one of those:

“Oh, What a beautiful world!

I wish I could live forever and never get old"

That's that delusional life

For you I say: I hope you never remember

what true beauty is and really resembles

we can only feel it sometimes if we really try

Amnesia is a gift from God

That's that red pill life

© 2020 Rebecca Barboza

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