I'm Not Coming Back

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I’m still taking the swords out of my back,

Trying not to bleed to death. I move forward, though, never back.

Why did you cheat on me? I dream about it sometimes.

You need to release me.

And don’t try to deny. I’m not coming back. Please, stop the lie.

Even before you said: "I do", You disrespected me, You made me a fool.

You don't know how much you really hurt me.

You nearly broke me.

I had to leave you.

Now I expect them to disappoint me at any time,

To put their hands on me, To make me cry.

You took my innocence away;

You taught me that love hurts.

Now healing is the only way.

Don't try to win me back,

Try to win yourself some self-respect.

Get it into your head.

I’m not coming back.

© 2019 Rebecca Barboza

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