Be Your Authentic Self

When you are guided to be somewhere, maybe through a thought, a feeling, or a vision, just follow that guidance and be there. In the same manner, when you are directed to do something, follow your intuition and do it. There are no accidents, no coincidences in the universe, everything operates according to specific laws. You may not understand precisely what they are, or exactly how things are happening, but just know that they are. Don’t worry about how things are going to turn out, just be your authentic self. The human mind may not understand the ways in which the universe operates, but your higher self knows. Show up, be present, and most importantly be yourself. You are opening gates for others, you are showing the way.

Don’t worry about recognitions, prices, and titles. You are already recognized, we are the price and we don’t need titles. Titles are labels people use to identify with and to exert power over others. We need some level of identification for what we do, not for who we are, because who we truly are is beyond words. Always know you are safe, loved, abundant, and never alone. It is impossible to be in danger when we are immortal, it is impossible to not be loved when we are love and it is impossible to be alone when we are all one. Raise your vibration and be with nature. Remember, fear is the sickness, love is the remedy, and knowledge is the tool.

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