• Rebecca Barboza

River Of Unknown Waters

Updated: Jun 28

Isn’t this a beautiful Picture? Me and you smiling in our kitchen. Playing with our beautiful children. Enjoying life like it’s our birth right.

But is this even realistic? Should I let you in completely? In this unconventional relationship, Am I willing to put myself on the line?

It’s better to risk than to regret, people say. But I’m just not fully convinced yet, so I say. What if this is just a big beautiful illusion? Maybe I’m better off on my own.

Don’t expect too much from your partner. Marriages are painful and doomed to fail. Be prepared for the tower to come down. That’s what life taught me after all.

But I’m not buying this nonsense neither. Every teardrop is worth the river. What is life without love anyway? I’m ready to try again.

I surrender to love one more time. I’m jumping to the unknown waters of life. I’m ready to start our lives, In the here and now,

Always be mine.

© 2020 Rebecca Barboza

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© 2020 Rebecca Barboza Unlimited