​October 19 Radio Interview on

Singer-songwriter Rebecca Barboza did a 45 min. interview with Donny Walker on the WGLRO people's station. In the interview Donny asks about her childhood in Brazil, how she started her singing career, what she thinks about the music industry and much more!

November 10 Airplay Garry Williams Soul Show

Shout out to Garry Williams in the UK for playing "Blindfolded" on the Garry Williams Soul Show. 

​November 15 Number 45 on Teerex Radio's Hump Chart in Canada

In the month of November Rebecca's song "Blindfolded" is number 45 on the Teerex Radio's Hump Chart in Montreal. Blindfolded was a collab. with the rapper Michael J Foxx from New York.

Online radio station Rootile in Sierra Leone did an Artist panel on Rebecca this month. Click on the picture to go to the page.

Rootile Radio
​December 1 From number 45 to number 36 on Teerex Radio's Hump Chart in Montreal

In the month of December "Blindfolded" went from number 45 to number 36 on Teerex Radio's Hump Chart. The only way is up Baby! 🙌

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